Our Facilities

To make the best, you have start with the best equipment

We operate out of our factory in Springs, on the East Rand. Over decades in the field, we have learned that investing in the industry-leading machinery is the only way to ensure superior quality, and so we’ve equipped our factory with only the best. Having both standard and clean-room areas in our factory also allows us to manufacture plastics that meet the most stringent quality standards. Additionally, we recently attained our ISO 22000 certification, which means we’re able to provide plastics solutions for a range of food-related needs as well as other FMCG offerings.

Our facilities and capabilities include:

  • Product design: designing and specifying products right in our factory’s in-house studio.
  • Development and prototyping: bringing design concepts to life through models and 3D printed prototypes.
  • Custom mould-making: we’re one of the few local companies that makes our own moulds, giving us a more competitive turnaround time and the ability to troubleshoot on the go.
  • Manufacture: with our various injection and blow moulding machines we can take on almost any scale of production run.
  • Logistics: we run our own logistics service in the Gauteng area and actively manage and provide the best solution for clients in other provinces.

Our production facility at a glance:

  • 30 injection moulding machines
  • 4 extrusion blow moulding machines
  • 1 injection blow moulding machine
  • Robotics and IML capabilities
  • Clean room facilities
  • FSSC 22000 certification

Our tool room facility at a glance:

  • 3-axisCNC machines
  • 4-axis lathe machine
  • Spark eroding and finishing machines
  • Conventinal milling and turning machines
  • 3D printing and prototyping equipment
  • MECAD and Solidworks design tools