Mission Statement

To be the best you have to set yourself high standards

We know that to consistently improve our offering to our clients, we need to have a clear picture of what we stand for. After all, as a business we want to redefine the possibilities of plastic and be leaders in the precision moulding and plastics space. That’s why we have clearly defined policies when it comes to environmental impact, people and quality.



  • We manage our resources to save energy, reduce waste, promote recycling and prevent pollution.
  • We comply with all relevant legislation and commit to continual improvement in accordance with the international ISO 22000 standard and ISO/TS22002-4 (FSC22 000).
  • We strive to produce products with the minimum possible impact on the environment.


  • We continuously empower our employees through training and skills development.
  • Our letter of intent with regard to BEE guides us in our quest to help our employees grow and build a sustainable future for themselves and the business.
  • We have several CSI community and education projects that focus specifically on developing young learners’ employment potential.


  • We use BPA-free, 100% virgin materials in our manufacturing process.
  • We produce and deliver premium, high quality, food safe plastic products.
  • We strive to provide world-class service through a state-of-the-art facility.
  • We want nothing less than total customer satisfaction.

“We take our role in the food chain extremely seriously.
Mother, children and babies have direct access to millions of our products on a daily basis. As their health and wellness is of utter importance to us and our staff, our processes and premises adhere not only to all relevant global and local regulations but more importantly to the Plastic Bubbles Code of Ethics.”

Stratos Moutafis
Founder and Father of Plastic Bubbles