What We Do

Pioneering packaging solutions


We offer turnkey solutions for a variety of plastic packaging products. It’s a capability we’ve developed over decades of partnering with both companies at a variety of scales – from small operations to large corporates. These include solutions for brands such as Nestle, Aspen Holdings and AVI. This mindset of providing a complete solution comes from the resourcefulness with which the brand was founded. Stratos and Menelaos. The brothers knew that they had to control every aspect of the process, from making the moulds to producing the plastics and delivering them to the customer to ensure that they could live up to the high-quality standards they wanted to uphold.

Currently, we produce anything from packaging tubs with IML (in-mould-labelling) to intricate machine components to generalised homeware products such as cups, plates, buckets and basins. We have capabilities to make almost any injection-moulded or blow-moulded product – including its design, 3D prototyping and tooling.

And we believe this attitude is what makes us different. As a locally-based, family-owned company, we’re able to be flexible, responsive and proactive in meeting our customers’ needs. We want to partner with them so that we’re able to use our expertise to add value to their business and help them to explore solutions they may not have even thought of themselves.