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Product Code Product Description Barcode Colours Size Qty per Carton
014-K 150ml Storage Containers (3’s) 6005387000500 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet Lid with Natural Base 150ml 12×3
022-K 250ml Storage Containers (3’s) 6005387000517 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet Lid with Natural Base 250ml 10×3
109-K Soup Bowls (4’s) 6005387000555 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet 20cm 14×4
129-K Feeder Bowls (4’s) 6005387000593 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet 18cm 16×4
111-K Snack Bowls (4’s) 6005387000562 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet 11cm 12×4
137-P Dinner Plates (6’s) 6005387000685 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet 24cm 14×6
011-K Kidz Tumblers (4’s) 6005387000494 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet 240ml 12×4
197-J Juice Bottles (6’s) 197-J Red & Violet; Blue & Lime 350ml 24×6
005-H Hi Ball Tumblers (6’s) 6005387000487 Clear 280ml 8×6
103-J 280ml Tumblers (6’s) 6005387000531 Clear 280ml 20×6
104-J Tinted 280ml Tumblers (6’s) 6005387000548 Tinted colours: Red, Blue, Yellow 280ml 20×6
178-P Ice Cube Trays (4’s) 6005387000678 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet or White 240×75 12×4
199-P Sauce Bottle (3’s) 6005387000647 Red, Clear, Yellow 350ml 20×3
193-J Funnels (6’s) 6005387000623 Grey, Blue 10cm 40×6
153-P Plug protectors (4’s) 6005387000319 White 36×4
115-H Small Utility Boxes (6’s) 6005387000579 Clear 87x58x26 18×6
116-H Medium Utility Boxes (6’s) 6005387000586 Clear-Natural 146x78x26 12×6

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