Bottles, Jars & Tablet containers

Bottles & Jars

We use extrusion blow moulding (EBM) and injection blow moulding (IBM) in the manufacture of our bottles and jars. All materials used are food safe and BPA-free.

Product Code Product Description Neck Size (mm) Height (mm) Deco-ration Material Closure Units/ Carton
SPBO000100 100ml Boston Round 24/410 122.6 Adhesive Label PP/HDPE 24/410 Flip-top/Disc-top cap 400
SPBO000250 250ml Salad Dressing Bottle 32 184 Adhesive label /Shrink sleeve PP 32mm Flip-top cap 132
SPBO000310 310ml Jar 74.0 112.2 Shrink Sleeve HDPE 74mm Screw cap 144
SPBO00CRB1 650ml Jar 74.0 169.5 Shrink Sleeve HDPE 74mm Screw cap TBA

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