Caps, Closures & Lids


Our closures are used to seal bottles and jars for the nutrition and pharmaceutical sectors.

Product Code Product Description Scoop Diameter (mm) Scoop Height/Depth (mm) Length Material Units/ Carton
SOCC00600 28mmd MedRopp Cap 28.20 20.0 PP EPE/ HIS LINER 3800
BICC0024410 24/410 Flip-top cap 22.0 20.4 PP EPE/ HIS LINER 1000
SPCC000LAZ 24mm Flip-top cap 24.0 23.8 HDPE N/A 2000
BICC00032 32mm Flip-top cap 32.0 PP EPE/ HIS LINER 1000
SPCC00CRC1 74mm Screw Cap 74.1 16.7 PP EPE/ HIS Liner 1000
BICC00CASS CAS Spout 26.5 46.2 Multiple parts N/A TBA
BICC00CASL CAS Spout Lid 15.8 30.8 GPPS N/A TBA
BICC00SPR Spray 27.5 40.8 Multiple parts N/A TBA
BICC00SPO Spray Overcap 20.6 27.6 GPPS N/A TBA

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