Tubs & Lids

Rectangular Tubs & Lids

Our rectangular tubs and lids are ideal for dips, frozen foods and ice-cream. They have a tamper evident feature for food safety, stack perfectly and suitable for IML decoration.

Product Code Product Description Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Volume Material IML Units/Carton
125ml Tub & Lid
SPJT003800 Tub 143 89.1 40.0 125ml PP Yes TBA
SPCC003800 Lid 152 94.5 6.2 125ml PP Yes TBA
1,5L Tub & Lid
SPJT001500 Tub 169 103 122.5 1,5L PP Yes 108
SPCC001500 Lid 174 109 10.5 1,5L PP Yes 108

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