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We continuously look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

As a manufacturing company, we are aware of our impact on the environment and we believe it is our duty to ensure that our processes are always environmentally safe.

Plastic Bubbles continuously looks at using biodegradable plastics and resins and implements a closed material loop system reusing and recycling all our raw material. Our factory also employs a zero-waste policy, with energy and water efficient systems and recycling all our paper, oil and scrap metals.

As a company that is committed to sustainable practices, we invite you to join us:
“We are doing our best to “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” plastic waste in our homes, at work and in our surrounding communities. Join us in helping to make this a greener World.”
– The Plastic Bubbles Team invite you to join us and Reduce, Reuse & Recycle ALL waste


Springs is more than just where we have chosen to base our factory. It is our home and our community, and because of this, our Corporate Social Investment is focused on the area surrounding our business.


Plastic Bubbles puts time and energy into the wellbeing, health and happiness of its employees. It ensures that we comply with all industry and legislative laws and actively participate in skills development programmes. Our annual Long Service Awards not only confirms our extremely low employee-turnover rate but also that we see ourselves as a Family.

Your partner for sustainable plastic packaging solutions