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Tablet Containers & Hinged Vials

Our tablet containers and hinged vials come in a variety of sizes to cater for the packaging of medicines and storing of pills.

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Product Code Product Description Neck Size/ Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Material Closure Units/Carton
SPBO000099 90ml Tablet Container 37.1 80.5 HDPE 38 CRC 450
SPBO00017522 175ml Tablet Container 37.1 112.2 HDPE 38 CRC 132
SPVT000010 10ml Hinged Tablet Vial 17.1 53.9 PP Integrated Hinge lid 900
SPVT000020 20ml Hinged Tablet Vial 25.3 54.9 PP Integrated Hinge lid 500
SPVT000030 30ml Hinged Tablet Vial 31.0 53.2 PP Integrated Hinge lid 450
3125-W81 125ml Pill Container 36.6 101.7 HDPE 38 CRC TBA
3252-W81 250ml IBM Pill Container 37 120.7 HDPE 38 CRC 200

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10ml Hinged Tablet Vial, 125ml Pill Container, 175ml Tablet Container, 20ml Hinged Tablet Vial, 250ml IBM Pill Container, 30ml Hinged Tablet Vial, 90ml Tablet Container


Clear (Natural), Medical Amber, Smokey Grey, Tinted Blue, Tinted Purple, Tinted Turquoise, Various Colours, White

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