Scoops, Spoons & Measuring Cups


Scoops are characterized by their short or long handle and deep bowl used to measure a specific amount of dry or semi-solid substance, normally a powder.

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Product Code Product Description Scoop Diameter (mm) Scoop Height/Depth (mm) Length (mm) Material Units/Carton
SPCU00025 50ml/25g Measuring scoop 61.0 34.4 125.5 PP 1000
SPSS000140 14ml Std Scoop 43.5 18.7 90.0 PP 4000
SPSS000060 6ml Short Handle scoop 27.0 18.6 47.6 PP 3500
SPSS000065A 6.5ml ABT Scoop 28.4 16.4 87.0 PP TBA
SPSS000100 10ml Square Scoop 27.7 21.05 114.4 PP TBA
SPSS001418 Dual Scoop (14ml + 18,5ml) 40/55 14/18 190.0 PP TBA
SPSS000073 7,3ml Scoop 27.2 19.6 89.0 PP 3500
SPSS000078 7,8ml Scoop 27.2 21.0 89.0 PP 3500
SPSS000082 8,2ml Scoop 27.2 21.9 90.0 PP 3500
SPSS000160A 16ml Scoop 28.5 17.0 86.9 PP 2500
SPSS000184 18,4ml Scoop 31.6 33.9 92.2 PP 2000
SPSS000188 18,8ml Scoop 31.6 32.6 92.2 PP 2000

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10ml Square Scoop, 14ml Std Scoop, 16ml Scoop, 18,4ml Scoop, 18,8ml Scoop, 50ml/25g Measuring scoop, 6.5ml ABT Scoop, 6ml Short Handle scoop, 7,0ml Extendable, 7,3ml Scoop, 7,6ml Extendable, 7,8ml Scoop, 8,2ml Scoop, 8,4ml Extendable, 8ml Extendable, Dual Scoop (14ml + 18,5ml)


Clear (Natural), Transparent Green, Transparent Peach, Transparent Pink, Transparent Violet, Various Colours, White

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