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Drink Series

For your kiddies and the kitchen – our golden classic items.



Product Code Product Description Barcode Colours Size Qty per Carton
016 Drinks Bottle (with tumbler) 6005387000081 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet Kidz Tumbler with Natural bottle 480ml 20
011 Kidz Tumbler 6005387000074 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet 240ml 24
113 Mugs 6005387000203 Red, Blue, Lime, Violet 260ml 24
194 1,25L Water Bottle 6005387000418 Grey or Blue cap with Natural bottle 1250ml 24
197 Juice Bottle 6005387000425 Wite cap with Red, Blue, Lime, Violet Bottle 350ml 24
164 Parfait Glass 6005387000357 Clear 250ml 18
138 Milkshake Tumbler 6005387000296 Clear 600ml 18
158 Tinted 350ml Tumbler 6005387000340 Tinted colours: Red, Blue, Yellow 350ml 36
005 Hi Ball Tumbler 6005387000340 Clear 280ml 16
103 280ml Tumbler 6005387000166 Clear 280ml 18
104 Tinted 280ml Tumbler 6005387000173 Tinted colours: Red, Blue, Yellow 280ml 18
026 Spice Sprinkler Mug 6005387000098 Grey or Blue lid with Natural Mug 260ml 18

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