Tubs & Lids

Round Tubs & Lids

Our range of round tubs and lids are ideal for storing liquids, solids, wet or dry contents and ice-cream.

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Product Code Product Description Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Volume Material IML Liquid Tight Units/ Carton
35ml Tub & Lid Yes
SWCN000010 Tub 44 31.5 35ml PP 1000
SWCN000010 Lid 46 8 35ml PP 1000
130ml Tub & Lid No
SPJT00COMT Tub 88 34 130ml PP 420
SPCC00COML Lid 90 7.5 130ml PP 420
80-ml Atchar Pot & Lid Yes
SPJT07172P Tub 68 52 80ml PP 700
SPCC07172L Lid 68.5 5 80ml PP 700
480ml Tub & Lid Yes 351
SPJT000480 Tub 94.8 106.0 480ml PP Yes 300
SPCC000480 Lid 95.8 13.4 480ml PP Yes 300

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130ml Tub & Lid, 35ml Tub & Lid, 480ml Tub & Lid, 80-ml Atchar Pot & Lid


Blue Lid, Clear (Natural), Clear (Natural) Pot, Red Lid, Tinted Blue, Tinted Green, Tinted Purple, Tinted Red, Various Colours, Various Lid Colours, White, White Tub

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