Scoops, Spoons & Measuring Cups


Spoons have a small shallow bowl, round or oval, at the end of a handle and are used to measure, mix or feed liquid or semi-liquid foods – including ice-cream.


Product Code Product Description Spoon Width (mm) Spoon Height/Depth (mm) Length (mm) Material Units/Carton
SWMS000135 1ml Gelato spoon 16.8 4.0 99.8 PP/GPPS 1700
SWMS000124 2ml Teaspoon 22.0 14.2 116 PP/GPPS 1000
SPSS000050 5ml Dosage spoon 44.7 11.3 94.1 PP 1000
SPSS0MAUS1 Flat ice-cream spoon 17.9 2.8 55.8 PP 15000

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