For more than twelve years, Mission Society Care (MS Care) has sought to provide care, education, and a source of hope for people at the margins of society in South Africa. Mission Society Care is a voluntary, multi-racial, non-profit organisation, committed to sharing an abundance of love to all those who are lacking – more specifically, the more vulnerable members of our society. Fueled by the knowledge that millions of South Africans are either infected or directly/indirectly affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Mission Society Care provides:

  • Education to underserved communities on the medical and socio-economic implications of HIV/AIDS
  • Care and training for those suffering from the disease, providing dedicated, in-house care for those in the final weeks of their lives
  • Food, friendship, shelter, and after-school programs for newly welcomed

What began as a simple shelter in the township of Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg, has since evolved into an active community centre and home – sometimes temporary, at other times permanent – for orphans, the elderly, disabled, abuse victims, and those living with HIV/AIDS.

The Plastic Bubbles Contribution

Plastic Bubbles donated kitchen goodies – plastic dessert bowls/mixing bowls/jugs/water bottles/basins/laundry baskets to be used in their shelter kitchens.
These items provide the facility with all they need to cater to both the staff, and those temporarily or permanently residing at the home and centre.

What this means to Plastic Bubbles

There is nothing more rewarding than adding a simple smile to all those less fortunate and those suffering in silence within our community.
It brings us so much joy, and warms our hearts, knowing and seeing how we can help places and people who spend their lives selflessly caring for others.

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