Cups & Tubs

Cups & Tubs

This range is widely used in the airline, catering and hospitality industries

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Product Code Product Description Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Material Units/Carton
SPCU000250 250ml Rummer Cup 78.0 75.1 PP 630
SWDR000154 65ml Liquor Cup 49.5 55.0 PP/GPPS 2640
SWDR000151 25ml Shooter cup 40.5 40.3 PP/GPPS 240
SWDR000152 30ml Shooter cup 48.5 59.2 GPPS 48
SWDR000155 125ml Dessert tub 63.2 64.1 PP/GPPS 150

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125ml Dessert tub, 250ml Rummer Cup, 25ml Shooter cup, 30ml Shooter cup, 65ml Liquor Cup


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