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It’s probably no surprise that company values are important. After all, they help to define who we are as a business and what we stand for.

But do you know how important they can be for your business? Let us tell you what they’ve helped us to achieve.

Company values have done so much for our business – from attracting new customers to improving employee morale, so if you’re looking to get the most out of your business, make sure your company values are aligned with your goals.

Their role in our business

Our values define who we are as a company as well as how we work as a team and with our clients. We live by them, work by them, and regularly find ourselves using them in our daily speak and decision making. They are our guiding principles and define who we are as a company and who we invite to work with us.

Their role for our team and client’s

For our team, core values serve as a guide to help decide right from wrong.

For our clients, they give a glimpse of how we do business and what our client’s should expect from us professionally. By looking at our values, a potential client can see if our ideals align with who they are and what kind of service they need.

Their importance

At Plastic Bubbles, our value’s support our vision and help define us as a team. We use them to make business decisions, hiring decisions, and to guide us in our communication with one another.

We know we have the right person in the right seat when…

  • we want the same end goals
  • we take action and don’t procrastinate
  • we see work as our “happy space”
  • learning is constructive and self-rewarding.

If your ideals don’t ring true with a new hire, chances are they won’t work well with your team or potential clients.

People who are like-minded work well together because the things they find important are the same. Two people can come from the exact same backgrounds, ethnicity and gender but can have completely different beliefs. Shared values are what truly connect us as people, not our backgrounds.

PB values

Plastic Bubbles Values

The Plastic Bubbles belief: Keeping our values alive

At Plastic Bubbles, we have our value’s illustrated, signed and framed, and we display them in our welcome area for all to see. Our visitors know exactly who we are because we literally hang our beliefs on the wall.

When we look back at an extraordinary 2021, the most important thing for us, is a total validation and reflection of the powerful culture that has emerged at Plastic Bubbles…

The fact that our exceptional staff consistently exemplifies these ideals and that we can pull together when the demands placed on us are at their most challenging is what most encourages us to believe that we can triumph over difficult times and build a brighter future together.

What are your company’s core beliefs, and how do you keep them alive in your culture?


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